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Here you will find our most Frequently Asked Questions for the Android TV Boxes.

Please remember MXTVBOX does not provide support on any 3rd Party Add-ons within the KODI application. These add-ons are serviced, owned and operated by 3rd party companies that have no affiliation with MXTVBOX. If you are experiencing issues with any add-ons within KODI, please contact the developer directly. Do not contact KODI directly as they have no affiliation with MXTVBOX or any 3rd party add-on developer. MXTVBOX will not be able to provide any answers, comments or support on any 3rd party add-ons or applications that comes on the Android TV Boxes. Please contact the developer directly for any questions regarding support or playback issues. THANK YOU.

WHAT ARE THE RECOMMENDED REQUIREMENTS TO USE THE TV BOX? A Minimum of 10+Mbps or higher speed internet connection. Ethernet connection will provide the most stable connection. If using WiFi, place your router LESS than 30ft from your TV Box if possible. Some experience with Android/Tablet operating systems or the ability to learn it.

  • THE DISPLAY ON MY SCREEN IS TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL? -  From the Main Start Up Menu Click Settings. Click Display, Click Display. Adjust until the screen fits your TV then click back.
  • WHAT VERSION OF KODI DO YOU USE? - The Latest Stable Version of KODI 18.3 on all of our NEW Android TV Boxes.
  • DOES THE TV BOX GET LOCAL CHANNELS? - YES While the Android TV Boxes do get live SD streams of all of the major network channels, they are most likely not from your local area. We suggest getting a Digital Antenna ($10+) that is designed to get your local channels for FREE in FULL HD through the air. We have seen people getting 40+ HD local channels with a simple digital antenna! Go ahead and get yourself one! Most Show are on demand in 720p HD in Kodi.
  • CAN A TV BOX BE USED ON MULTIPLE TV'S? - The  Android TV Boxes run one TV at a time. However due to its small size and ease of hooking it up it can be moved from TV to TV very easily. Tip – If you connect an extra HDMI cord to your second TV you will only need to transfer the TV BOX and the power cable to your second TV. This will save you the trouble of moving the HDMI cable each time you want to switch televisions. Many of our customers even travel with their devices, take them to hotels and outside of the country. Just give the TV Box 10Mbps+ of internet speed.
  • CAN I USE MULTIPLE TV BOXES IN ONE HOME ON ONE INTERNET CONNECTION? - YES Multiple TV BOXES can be used at one time off the same internet connection. Please note that multiple TV BOXES running at the same time will demand a faster internet connection. We recommend 10+ Mbps per unit. So for 2 units we would recommend a 20+ Mbps internet connection.
  • IS STREAMING TV AND MOVIES FROM THE INTERNET ILLEGAL? The TV Box is 100% Legal. The laws state that Hosting, Downloading, Possessing copy written material is illegal. The TV Box utilizes third party programs written externally by programmers and developers via OTT content and TV services. Again You are not hosting, downloading or uploading the content. Neither are we.
  • DO THE TV BOXES COME WITH BLUETOOTH? - YES, Only the TV Set Top Boxes doesn't come with built-in Bluetooth as its not needed. All the other TV Boxes do have Bluetooth IF needed.
  • DOES KODI COME PRELOADED WITH ALL THE LATEST ADDONS? - We are quite different. While the other guys are giving you an already outdated box that requires you to do extensive search online, and a lot of leg work to get it to work acceptably. Leave all the leg work to us. Our Android TV Boxes come preloaded with over 50+ of the most popular KODI addons. We do not bloat our boxes with pointless KODI addons, we only preload our units with the best and proven KODI addons. Some may go down for a while before auto updating themselves. We will make sure that you are running the latest and greatest! 
  • DO THE PRELOADED KODI ADDONS UPDATE THEMSELVES? All of the KODI addons that come preloaded on the TV Boxes automatically update themselves. Remember to exit KODI after using it, so next time you restart KODI it will check for new Addon updates. Its really that simple.
  • DO YOU OFFER A WARRANTY? - The warranty does not cover Physical damage and Water damage caused by the customer OR individual applications not working properly as we are not the creators of any of the applications that come with the TV Box.
  • WHAT WE DON'T COVER: We do Charge $31.50 to Fix these issues, SO DON'T  Download Large files as it might fill up the box and stop working, as it uses on board memory to run the programs. SO DON'T Load Wizard Installs otherwise it will change our build and you will have to send it back for updating. SO DON'T Factory Reset the box as it will delete all data and you will have to send it back for updating. NOTE: If you have Bad WiFi reception to the TV Box as its to far from your router (over +30ft) you will need to get a WiFi Extender to give your TV Box internet to work correctly.
  • IF I HAVE AN OLDER ANDROID TV BOX OR OLDER BUILD CAN YOU UPDATE IT? - MAYBE, Please Call/Text Us First. Any of Our Old or Newer TV Boxes wanting or needing our latest KODI build after 30 Days will pay $31.50 for Our Time, Research and Return Shipping for Servicing your TV Box. Other Suppliers TV Boxes we charge $60 for our Servicing and our Latest KODI Build.
  • DO YOU OFFER TECH SUPPORT FOR YOUR PRODUCTS? - YES, We offer Remote Access, Technical Support and Customer Support via Phone. CALL or TEXT: +1 (954) 278-9755  10AM - 10PM Mon–Fri – Eastern.  Please Text first or leave a Message as some days are busier than others.